ucla-logo Welcome to the website for the UCLA Compilers Group supervised by Jens Palsberg. Here you'll find information about current and former students, researchers, projects and funding. Included below is a small selection of recent research projects from the group.



Race directed scheduling of concurrent programs

Detection of data races in Java programs remains a difficult problem. The best static techniques produce many false positives, and also the best dynamic techniques leave room for improvement. With Racageddon we present a new technique called "Race Directed Scheduling" that for a given race candidate searches for an input and a schedule that lead to the race. The search iterates a combination of concolic execution and schedule improvement, and turns out to find useful inputs and schedules efficiently.


Maximum stack size analysis for embedded software

Event-driven programming has gained wide acceptance, from high-performance servers to embedded systems, as an efficient method for interacting with a complex world. Unfortunately, loose coupling of event handlers obscures control flow and makes dependencies hard to detect, leading to subtle bugs. The best previous work on testing event-driven software uses event sequences that are generated randomly or by genetic algorithms. In this paper we present a new approach called "Event-based Directed Testing". Our approach combines aspects of random testing and directed testing to generate challenging event sequences for testing event-driven software. We implemented our technique into a new tool named VICE: Virgil Integrated Concolic Engine.