Jens Palsberg Jens Palsberg is Professor and Chair of Computer Science at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests span the areas of compilers, embedded systems, programming languages, software engineering, and information security. He is the editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions of Programming Languages and Systems, a member of the editorial board of Information and Computation, a former member of the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and a former conference program chair of POPL, TACAS, SAS, EMSOFT, MEMOCODE, PASTE, SREIS. In 2012 he received the ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award.

Current PhD Students

Christian Kalhauge Christian Kalhauge is a fifth year PhD Student. His primary focus is dynamic and static analysis of programs. Currently he is the working on the ONR TPCP and the NJR project. He has a Masters of Science in Engineering from DTU in Denmark, with a focus on reliable software systems.

Shuyang Liu Shuyang Liu previously worked on applying augmented reality technologies to post-stroke rehabilitation at the University of Rochester but now focuses on program analysis and programming language related security topics such as return-oriented programming. Currently she is working on analyzing the output multiple static analysis tools to produce better results.

Zeina Migeed Zeina Migeed is a third year PhD student. She studies computability and complexity aspects of gradually typed systems. She is currently studying the computability of making gradually typed programs as static as possible.

Akshay Utture Akshay Utture is a first-year PhD student. He is currently working on applying machine learning techniques to build better Compilers and Static Analysis tools. He has previously worked on the runtime design of the X10 task-parallel programming language during his integrated Bachelors+Masters at IIT Madras in India.

Graduated PhD Students

Matt Brown Matt Brown received his PhD in 2017, and is now at Intentionet. His PhD work on Typed Self-Applicable Meta-Programming used typed program representation techniques to ensure correctness properties of self-applicable meta-programs like self-interpreters. Other research interests include functional programming, type systems, concurrency and program verification.

John Bender John Bender received his PhD in 2019. He previously worked in industry as an open source software developer on projects like vagrant and jquery. He works on compilers and verification techniques for concurrent algorithms executing on weak memory models.

Mahdi Eslamimehr Mahdi Eslamimehr was born in Tehran, Iran. He received his bachelor in computer engineering from Sharif University, and his master in computer science from Linkoping University. He received his PhD in 2014 from UCLA. His research interest lies in the intersection of software testing, compiler construction and programming languages.

Mohsen Lesani Mohsen Lesani has research experience with IBM Research, Oracle (Sun) Labs, HP Labs and EPFL and is currently an Associate Professor at University of California Riverside. His research focuses on the design, implementation, testing and verification of safety and security of concurrent and distributed systems.


Jonathan Lee, Fernando Pereira, Krishna Nandivada, Christian Grothoff, Ben Titzer

Former Graduate Students

Kevin Chang, Vidyut Samanta, Joseph Cox

Former Undergraduate Students

Lorenz Verzosa, Adam Harmetz

Past Visitors

Daniel Lee, Keith Mayoral, Ryan Leon