Package avrora.gui

Interface Summary
VisualMonitor The VisualMonitor class represents a monitor attached to a Simulator instance.

Class Summary
AvroraGui The AvroraGUI is the top level GUI component.
DebugStream This class acts as a bridge that remaps console output to the debug window of the GUI.
GraphEvents This is a generic helper class for visual monitors.
GraphNumbers The class assists visual monitors with graphing time-series data values.
GUIDefaults Any and all "random" data that needs to be stored about the GUI or sim is stored here.
ManageMonitors This class manages the dialog boxes for adding a monitor to the simulator.
ManageSimInput From a high level view, this class handles "input to the simulator," which entails entering files that can be loaded as program as well as specifiying options.
ManageSimTime From a high level view, the controls what the simulation is doing.
ManageTopology This manages the topology window within the GUI.
MonitorPanel The MonitorPanel represents a pair of panels for a monitor, where one panel is the display panel (selectable through the main tab) and one is the options panel which is displayed when the user accesses the options for this monitor.
SimMenuBar This simple class handles the top level menu bar.
SimTimeEvents In order to speed up and slow down the simulator, we insert events into the simulator queue which trigger the time changes.
SingleNodeMonitor There are two types of visual monitors for the GUI.
TimeScale The TimeScale class handles the conversion of time scales in displaying timing windows within the GUI simulation.
VisualRadioMonitor This is a prototype for a "global monitor."
VisualRegMonitor The VisualRegMonitor class is a monitor that tracks the current value of a register
VisualStackMonitor The VisualStackMonitor class is a monitor that tracks the current value of the PC and displays it visually