Class SimTimeEvents

  extended byavrora.gui.SimTimeEvents

public class SimTimeEvents
extends java.lang.Object

In order to speed up and slow down the simulator, we insert events into the simulator queue which trigger the time changes. These events are declared here and used by Avrora Gui and ManageSimTime

I believe everything about how the GUI interacts with the sim is changing in the new version. Thus, this class may just go away.

Nested Class Summary
 class SimTimeEvents.PauseEvent
          An instance of this class can be inserted into the sim it will pause the sim until unpause() is called.
Field Summary
 SimTimeEvents.PauseEvent pause
          This PauseEvent can be inserted in the sim directly
Constructor Summary
SimTimeEvents(SimpleAir psA)
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Field Detail


public SimTimeEvents.PauseEvent pause
This PauseEvent can be inserted in the sim directly

Constructor Detail


public SimTimeEvents(SimpleAir psA)
psA - The class needs to know about the Toplogy used in the sim