Final Copy Instructions

You must prepare your source files (text and bibliography) in LaTex or Word formatted in ACM style.

Instructions for these formats are on the ACM Web site:

  1. Files must have ACM Categories and Subject Descriptors and as many of the 16 fixed ACM General Terms as apply. Please go to the ACM Computing Classification System for this. You may also supply any additional keywords and phrases you would like included.

  2. You will need to provide PDFs of your source files.

  3. You will also need to provide EPS files of your figures.

  4. All author rights forms are now filled electronically through the ACM e-Rights Transfer Application. If your paper was submitted before April 2, 2013, has recently been accepted, and you have not yet been contacted concerning e-rights transfer, please send your manuscript number to Laura Lander, Journals Manager, at

  5. Note that you may submit additional electronic materials, such as benchmarks and source code, to be archived together with your paper in the digital library. In addition, you may use color graphics in the digital library. The print version will still be black and white, so please ensure your paper is easy to read in both formats.

  6. ACM's Author-Izer Service extends ACM's support for self-archiving by enabling authors to generate and post links in their own bibliographies that they maintain on either their personal home page or institutional repository. These links will let any visitors to your personal bibliography pages download the definitive version of the articles for free from the ACM DL. These downloads will be recorded as part of your DL usage statistics. A summary description of the service and instructions for its use may be found here.

  7. Supplemental Online-only Material. Please provide a brief description of your supplementary online-only material (i.e., text and multimedia material) to be published in the Digital Library. A short "readme.txt" file will appear in the DL along with your supplementary material describing its content and whatever requirements there are for using it.