Class Mica2

  extended byavrora.sim.platform.Platform
      extended byavrora.sim.platform.Mica2

public class Mica2
extends Platform

The Mica2 class is an implementation of the Platform interface that represents both a specific microcontroller and the devices connected to it. This implementation therefore uses the ATMega128L microcontroller and uses LED and Radio devices, etc. The Mica2 class differs from Mica in that it runs the ATMega128L not in compatibility mode. In addition, the CC1000 radio implementation is installed on the Mica2.

Nested Class Summary
static class Mica2.Factory
Field Summary
protected  ExternalFlash externalFlash
protected  LightSensor lightSensor
protected static int MAIN_HZ
protected  Radio radio
protected  SensorBoard sensorboard
protected  Simulator sim
Fields inherited from class avrora.sim.platform.Platform
devices, mcu
Method Summary
protected  void addDevices()
          The addDevices() method is used to add the external (off-chip) devices to the platform.
Methods inherited from class avrora.sim.platform.Platform
addDevice, getDevice, getMicrocontroller
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Field Detail


protected static final int MAIN_HZ
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Constant Field Values


protected final Simulator sim


protected Radio radio


protected SensorBoard sensorboard


protected ExternalFlash externalFlash


protected LightSensor lightSensor
Method Detail


protected void addDevices()
The addDevices() method is used to add the external (off-chip) devices to the platform. For the mica2, these include the LEDs, the radio, and the sensor board.