Class TripTimeMonitor

  extended byavrora.util.help.HelpCategory
      extended byavrora.monitors.MonitorFactory
          extended byavrora.monitors.TripTimeMonitor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TripTimeMonitor
extends MonitorFactory

The TripTimeMonitor class implements a monitor that tracks the time from executing instruction A in the program until the program reaches instruction B. For example, if A is the beginning of an interrupt handler and B is the end of an interrupt handler, then the monitor will record the time it takes to execute the entire interrupt handler. For each pair of points A and B, it collects statistics about each "trip" between the two points, reporting the results at the end of execution.

Nested Class Summary
protected  class TripTimeMonitor.PointToPointMon
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Monitor newMonitor(Simulator s)
          The newMonitor() method creates a new monitor for the specified instance of Simulator.
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Constructor Detail


public TripTimeMonitor()
Method Detail


public Monitor newMonitor(Simulator s)
Description copied from class: MonitorFactory
The newMonitor() method creates a new monitor for the specified instance of Simulator. The resulting monitor may insert probes, watches, or events into the simulation to collect information and later report that information after the simulation is complete.

Specified by:
newMonitor in class MonitorFactory
s - the Simulator instance to create the monitor for
an instance of the Monitor interface that represents the monitor for the simulator