Class ProfileMonitor.Monitor

  extended byavrora.monitors.ProfileMonitor.Monitor
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public class ProfileMonitor.Monitor
extends java.lang.Object
implements Monitor

The Monitor inner class contains the probes and formatting code that can report the profile for the program after it has finished executing.

Nested Class Summary
 class ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CCProbe
          The CCProbe class implements a probe that keeps track of the execution count of each instruction as well as the number of cycles that it has consumed.
 class ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CProbe
          The CProbe class implements a simple probe that keeps a count of how many times each instruction in the program has been executed.
 class ProfileMonitor.Monitor.PeriodicProfile
          The PeriodicProfile class can be used as a simulator event to periodically sample the program counter value.
Field Summary
 ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CCProbe ccprobe
 ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CProbe cprobe
 long[] icount
 long[] itime
 Program program
 Simulator simulator
Method Summary
 void report()
          The report() method is called after the simulation is complete.
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Field Detail


public final Simulator simulator


public final Program program


public final ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CCProbe ccprobe


public final ProfileMonitor.Monitor.CProbe cprobe


public final long[] icount


public final long[] itime
Method Detail


public void report()
Description copied from interface: Monitor
The report() method is called after the simulation is complete. The monitor generates a textual or other format representation of the information collected during the execution of the program.

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report in interface Monitor