Class GDBServer.GDBMonitor

  extended byavrora.monitors.GDBServer.GDBMonitor
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protected class GDBServer.GDBMonitor
extends java.lang.Object
implements Monitor

The GDBMonitor class implements a monitor that can interactively debug a program that is running in Avrora. It uses the remote serial protocol of GDB to run the commands that are sent by GDB. It uses probes into the program in order to pause, resume, step, break, etc. For information on the remote serial protocol of GDB, see: https://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/RHEL-3-Manual/gdb/remote-protocol.html

Nested Class Summary
protected  class GDBServer.GDBMonitor.BreakpointProbe
          The BreakpointProbe is a probe inserted at a breakpoint that calls the commandLoop() method before the target instruction is executed, thus implementing a breakpoint.
protected  class GDBServer.GDBMonitor.ExceptionWatch
          The ExceptionWatch halts execution and signals GDB when an exceptional event occurs.
protected  class GDBServer.GDBMonitor.StartupProbe
          The StartupProbe is a probe inserted at the beginning of the program that will stop the simulation in order to wait for GDB to connect to Avrora.
protected  class GDBServer.GDBMonitor.StepProbe
          The StepProbe class implements a probe that is used to step by a single instruction.
Method Summary
 void report()
          The report() method is called after the simulation is complete.
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public void report()
Description copied from interface: Monitor
The report() method is called after the simulation is complete. The monitor generates a textual or other format representation of the information collected during the execution of the program.

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report in interface Monitor