Class Instr.CPI

  extended byavrora.core.Instr
      extended byavrora.core.Instr.REGIMM_class
          extended byavrora.core.Instr.CPI
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public static class Instr.CPI
extends Instr.REGIMM_class

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class avrora.core.Instr.REGIMM_class
imm1, r1
Fields inherited from class avrora.core.Instr
Constructor Summary
Instr.CPI(int pc, Register a, int b)
Method Summary
 void accept(InstrVisitor v)
          The accept() method is part of the visitor pattern for instructions.
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asInstr, getCycles, getName, getSize, getVariant, toString
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Constructor Detail


public Instr.CPI(int pc,
                 Register a,
                 int b)
Method Detail


public void accept(InstrVisitor v)
Description copied from class: Instr
The accept() method is part of the visitor pattern for instructions. The visitor pattern uses two virtual dispatches combined with memory overloading to achieve dispatching on multiple types. The result is clean and modular code.

Specified by:
accept in class Instr
v - the visitor to accept