Package avrora.actions

Class Summary
Action The Action class defines a new action that the main driver is capable of executing.
AnalyzeStackAction The AnalyzeStackAction class is an extension of the Main.Action class that allows the stack tool to be reached from the command line.
CFGAction The CFGAction is an Avrora action that allows a control flow graph to be generated and output to the terminal or to a file.
DBBCAction The DBBCAction class contains a simple test action where a program can be loaded and compiled to Java source by the DBBC and that source is output on the console.
DisassembleAction The DisassembleAction class represents an action that allows the user to disassemble a binary file and display the instructions.
GUIAction The VisualAction class serves as an action that creates an initializes a GUI for Avrora.
ISDLAction The ISDLAction class implements an action to load an instruction set description from a file and perform various actions with it, including generating the Instr classes and generating an interpreter.
ISEAAction The ISEAAction class implements interprocedural side-effect analysis.
SimAction The SimAction is an abstract class that collects many of the options common to single node and multiple-node simulations into one place.
SimulateAction The SimulateAction implements the bridge between the functionality in the avrora.sim package and the entrypoint to Avrora in avrora.Main.
TestAction The TestAction class represents an action to invoke the built-in automated testing framework that is used for regression testing in Avrora.

Exception Summary
SimAction.BreakPointException The BreakPointException is an exception that is thrown by the simulator before it executes an instruction which has a breakpoint.
SimAction.TimeoutException The TimeoutException is thrown by the simulator when a timeout reaches zero.