Download RALF, and related tools

In this page you can donwload RALF, and everything that is needed to run the framework. You can also find a handful of tools that we have used in the implementation and test of new register allocators. If you have any new tool or have any suggestions for improvement, then please mail the authors.

Download it The complete implementation of RALF, including the gcc compiler for the StrongARM processor, and the source files. This program has pre-compiled binaries that run on the linux (x86 machines) operating system.
Download it The compiler that we have used to support RALF. Unzip it in the root directory to install (It install the linker in /usr/local/arm* directories). We strongly suggest you follow this directory structure to avoid path clashes.
Download it The mira grammar, in the javacc format.
Download it The ford grammar, in the javacc format.
Download it Implementation of the linear scan register allocator. To run it, use the command: java Main < file.mira.
Download it Implementation of three different register allocators, a debugger that performs the translation validation between mira and ford files, a program that outputs the control flow graph in the .dot format and several scripts that set your environment up for ralf.
Download it The Stanford suite of benchmarks, used in Ralf's technical report. The gcc version used by Ralf has a bug when dealing with arrays. It may cause inconsistent outputs for programs like matmul.c or queen.c.