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Obtaining JTB

The current version of JTB is 1.3.2.  You can download it here.

Previous Versions

Both the source code and compiled executable are avaliable for JTB here.  The previous versions use InstallShield Java Edition, so it should pose no problem to install on any platform supported by InstallShield.  Other platforms should still be able to use the distribution but may not have an execution script automatically generated by InstallShield. 

The full source code for JTB is included with the executable. 


  • Download the appropriate class file.  NOTE: On Windows machines Netscape may save the file as "jtbXXX.exe".  Simply rename the file to jtbXXX.class.

  • Execute this class using a Java 1.1 (or higher) virtual machine.  For example, on Unix, the command would be

      % java jtbXXX
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

Before the current version, the previous "officially" released versions of JTB were 1.2.2, 1.1.2, and 1.0.  Download jtb122.class , jtb112.class, or jtb100.class and follow the directions above to install it.

Maintained by Wanjun Wang, wanjun@purdue.edu.

Created September 2, 1997. 
Last modified May 15, 2000.