Full version of the paper
Download it This is the full version of our paper. The appendices contain the proofs of the theorems stated in the main body of the paper, plus more detailed pseudo-code for the register assignment phase, with spilling and coalescing.
Download it This is the short version of our paper published in Principles of Programming Languages (PLDI) 2008.
Download it This technical report describes all the details of our SSA elimination algorithm. This algorithm is used to remove the parallel copies, phi-functions and pi-functions that create the elementary form.

Download it These are the slides that Jens has used in a talk at Intel. This talk contains a short intro on register allocation, but it is mostly about type-1 puzzles.
Download it These are the slides that Fernando has used in a talk at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This talk is divided into two parts. The first part is a light introduction on register allocation. The second part contains the description and solution of a type-1 puzzle.

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