Class AutomatedTester

  extended byavrora.test.AutomatedTester

public class AutomatedTester
extends java.lang.Object

The AutomatedTester is a class that is designed to be an in-program test facility. It is capable of reading in test cases from files, extracting properties specified in those test cases, and then creating a test case of the right form for the right system.

This is done through the use of another class, the TestHarness, which is capable of creating instances of the TestCase class that are collected by this framework.

See Also:
TestHarness, TestCase, TestResult

Field Summary
static boolean LONG_REPORT
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void runTests(java.lang.String[] fnames)
          The runTests() method runs the testing framework on each of the specified filenames.
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Field Detail


public static boolean LONG_REPORT
Constructor Detail


public AutomatedTester()
Method Detail


public void runTests(java.lang.String[] fnames)
              throws java.io.IOException
The runTests() method runs the testing framework on each of the specified filenames. The name of the target for the testcase is specified in the text of each file. The testing framework extracts that name and passes that to the test harness which can create an instance of TestCase. Each test case is then run and the results are tabulated.

fnames - an array of the filenames of tests to run
java.io.IOException - if there is a problem loading the test cases