Package avrora.syntax

Interface Summary
Context The Context interface represents a context in which an expression in a program should be evaluated.

Class Summary
AbstractParser The AbstractParser is a superclass of all parsers introduced to give multiple JavaCC-generated parsers a parent class.
AbstractToken This class is used to unify the Token classes from all JavaCC-generated parsers.
ASTNode The ASTNode class is a unification of all syntax-related items that are dealt with in loading source programs.
AVRErrorReporter The AVRErrorReporter contains one method per compilation error.
Expr The Expr class represents an expression within the program that must be evaluated to a value.
Expr.BinOp The BinOp class represents a simple binary arithmetic operator such as addition, multiplication, etc.
Expr.CharLiteral The CharLiteral class represents a character literal in the program that can be used as an integer value.
Expr.Constant The Constant class represents a integer literal (a constant) within the program.
Expr.Func The Func class represents a builtin function that is applied to an operand.
Expr.RelativeAddress The RelativeAddress class represents an expression that is derived from the addition (or subtraction) of a constant to the current byte address.
Expr.StringLiteral The StringLiteral class represents a string literal within the program.
Expr.Term The Term class is a superclass for all expressions that consist of a single lexical token.
Expr.UnOp The UnOp class represents an expression that is a single operand with a unary operation applied to it.
Expr.Variable The Variable class represents a variable reference within the program.
ExprList The ExprList class represents a list of expressions within the program.
Item The Item class represents either an assembler directive, an instruction, or a sequence of initialized data with a source program.
Item.InitializedData The InitializedData item represents a section of programmer-declared initialized data within the program.
Item.Instruction The Instruction item in a source program represents an instruction that must be simplified and added to the program.
Item.Label The Label item represents a labelled location in the program that is given a name.
Item.NamedConstant The NamedConstant item in a source program represents a directive that assigns a computable value to a name.
Item.RegisterAlias The RegisterAlias item in a source program represents a directive that adds an alias for a register.
Item.UninitializedData The UnitializedData item represents a declared section of data that is not given a value (a reservation of space).
Module The Module class collects together the instructions and data into an AVR assembly program.
ProgramPoint The ProgramPoint class represents a location within a program for the purposes of tracking error messages and debug information.
SyntacticOperand The SyntacticOperand class is an implementation of the avrora.core.Operand interface that corresponds to source assembly programs.
SyntacticOperand.Expr The SyntacticOperand.Expr class represents a constant expression that was specified in the source assembly as an expression.
SyntacticOperand.Register The SyntacticOperand.Register class represents a register operand at the source level.

Exception Summary
AbstractParseException The AbstractParseException represents a parse exception that was thrown by one of the parsers generated by JavaCC.

Error Summary
SimplifierError The SimplifierError class represents an error in a user program, including the module contents and line and column numbers.