Package avrora.stack

Interface Summary
AnalyzerPolicy The Policy interface allows for more modular, composable analysis.
IORegisterConstants The IORegisterConstants interface is used to centralize the numeric values of the IO registers of the AVR architecture.

Class Summary
AbstractArithmetic The AbstractArithmetic arithmetic class implements operations that are useful for working on abstract integers which are represented as characters.
AbstractInterpreter The AbstractInterpreter class implements the abstract transfer function for each instruction type.
AbstractState The AbstractState class represents an abstract state within the state space.
Analyzer The Analyzer class implements the analysis phase that determines the transition relation between the states in the abstract state space.
MutableState The MutableState class represents an abstract state of the processor that is mutable.
StateCache The StateSpace class represents the reachable state space as it is explored by the Analyzer class.
StateTransitionGraph.Edge The Edge inner class represents a bidirectional edge between two states.
StateTransitionGraph.StateInfo The StateInfo class is a representation of both the forward and backward edge list corresponding to a node in the state transition graph.