Class SingleSimulation

  extended byavrora.util.help.HelpCategory
      extended byavrora.sim.Simulation
          extended byavrora.sim.types.SingleSimulation
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public class SingleSimulation
extends Simulation

The SingleSimulation class implements a simulation for a single node. This class has its own built-in synchronizer that is designed to accept only one node. It processes command line options to configure monitors and load one program onto one microcontroller and simulate it.

Nested Class Summary
protected static class SingleSimulation.SingleSynchronizer
Nested classes inherited from class avrora.sim.Simulation
Simulation.Monitor, Simulation.Node
Field Summary
protected static java.lang.String HELP
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CLOCKSPEED, EXTCLOCKSPEED, MCU, monitorFactoryList, MONITORS, nodes, num_nodes, options, paused, PLATFORM, random, RANDOMSEED, running, SCHEDULE, SECONDS, synchronizer
Fields inherited from class avrora.util.help.HelpCategory
COMPARATOR, help, name
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void process(Options o, java.lang.String[] args)
          The process() method processes options and arguments from the command line.
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createNode, getNode, getNodeIterator, getNumberOfNodes, getPlatform, getRandom, instantiateNodes, isPaused, isRunning, join, newNode, pause, processMonitorList, removeNode, resume, start, stop, stopNode
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Field Detail


protected static final java.lang.String HELP
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Constructor Detail


public SingleSimulation()
Method Detail


public void process(Options o,
                    java.lang.String[] args)
             throws java.lang.Exception
The process() method processes options and arguments from the command line. This implementation accepts only a single command line argument that specifies the name of the program to load onto the microcontroller to simulate.

Specified by:
process in class Simulation
o - the options extracted from the command line
args - the arguments from the command line
java.lang.Exception - if there was a problem loading the file or creating the simulation