Class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface

  extended byavrora.sim.radio.CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface
Enclosing class:

protected class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface
extends java.lang.Object

Reads the three pins used in the three wire serial configuration interface. Microcontrollers can program this radio by communication over this interfance. Debug output for communication over this interface is available on "sim.cc1000.pinconfig"

Nested Class Summary
protected  class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface.PALEOutput
protected  class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface.PCLKOutput
          Clocking the PCLK pin is what drives the action of the configuration interface.
protected  class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface.PDATAInput
protected  class CC1000Radio.SerialConfigurationInterface.PDATAOutput
Method Summary
 void action()
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Method Detail


public void action()