Package avrora.sim.clock

Class Summary
Clock The Clock class represents a clock within the simulation.
ClockDomain The ClockDomain class represents a collection of clocks for a device or platform, including the main clock used for the microcontroller.
ClockPrescaler The ClockPrescaler class represents a clock that is another clock scaled appropriately; e.g. 8x slower.
DeltaQueue The DeltaQueue class implements an amortized constant time delta-queue for processing of scheduled events.
DerivedClock The DerivedClock class represents a clock that is derived from another clock; i.e. the derived clock runs slower but is synchronized with the clock that it is derived from.
IntervalSynchronizer The IntervalSynchronizer class implements a global timer among multiple simulators by inserting periodic events into the queue of each simulator.
MainClock The MainClock class represents a clock that has an associated delta queue.
StepSynchronizer The StepSynchronizer class is an implementation of simulator synchronization that steps each node one cycle at a time using the Simulator.step() method of each simulator.
Synchronizer The Synchronizer class represents an object that controls the progress of a multi-node simulation.
SystemClock The SystemClock class represents a wrapper around the system clock that measures actual wall clock time passed in simulation.