Class Segment.AddressOutOfBoundsException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Error
          extended byavrora.Avrora.Error
              extended byavrora.sim.Segment.AddressOutOfBoundsException
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public class Segment.AddressOutOfBoundsException
extends Avrora.Error

The AddressOutOfBoundsException class represents an error when using the get() and set() methods where the user specifies an address that is out of the bounds of the segment. Note that this exception is not thrown in the case of read() and write() methods making accesses out of bounds; in that case, the ErrorReporter object is consulted.

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Field Summary
 int data_addr
Fields inherited from class avrora.Avrora.Error
message, param, STACKTRACES
Constructor Summary
protected Segment.AddressOutOfBoundsException(int da)
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getParam, report
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Field Detail


public final int data_addr
Constructor Detail


protected Segment.AddressOutOfBoundsException(int da)