Interface InterruptTable.Notification

All Known Implementing Classes:
ADC.ControlRegister, ATMegaFamily.FlagBit, SPI
Enclosing interface:

public static interface InterruptTable.Notification

The Notification interface serves a very specific role in simulation; for device implementations to be notified when an interrupt that a device may have posted is executed, or when the user forces an interrupt to be notified. Some interrupts are "auto-clear" which means that they automatically unpost themselves when their handler is invoked. To support this functionality, a Notification is inserted on them that allows the flag register to be updated when the handler is invoked. As a user of the simulation, you SHOULD NOT implement a notification.

See Also:
for probing interrupts

Method Summary
 void force(int inum)
 void invoke(int inum)

Method Detail


public void force(int inum)


public void invoke(int inum)