Class InterpreterError

  extended byavrora.sim.InterpreterError

public class InterpreterError
extends java.lang.Object

The InterpreterError class is a collection point for all of the error classes that correspond to errors that can happen during the interpretation of a program.

Nested Class Summary
static class InterpreterError.AddressOutOfBoundsException
          The AddressOutOfBoundsException is thrown when the user attempts to access out of bounds memory through the state interface.
static class InterpreterError.NoSuchInstructionException
          The NoSuchInstructionException() is thrown when the program attempts to execute an instruction that does not exist (i.e. a section of the flash that is not initialized).
static class InterpreterError.PCAlignmentException
          The PCAlignmentException is thrown if the program counter somehow becomes misaligned.
static class InterpreterError.PCOutOfBoundsException
          The PCOutOfBoundsException is thrown when the progrma attempts to execute an instruction outside the bounds of the flash.
Constructor Summary
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Constructor Detail


public InterpreterError()