Class StateUse

  extended byavrora.core.isdl.dep.StateUse
Direct Known Subclasses:
StateUse.BitUse, StateUse.GlobalUse, StateUse.MapUse

public abstract class StateUse
extends java.lang.Object

The StateUse class represents the result of a dependency analysis of a particular instruction declaration (e.g. the ADD instruction's declaration). It represents a value that might be read or written by the instruction. For example, the instruction might read registers, memory, or write registers, memory, or other internal state.

Nested Class Summary
static class StateUse.BitUse
          The BitUse class represents the usage of a bit of some state that is used.
static class StateUse.GlobalUse
          The GlobalUse class represents the usage of a globally declared state variable that is visible within the instruction specification.
static class StateUse.Index
          The Index class represents a possible expr into a map (such as the register file or memory).
static class StateUse.MapUse
          The MapUse class represents the usage of a map (i.e. a register file or memory).
Constructor Summary
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Constructor Detail


public StateUse()