Interface Summary
Radio The Radio interface should be implemented by classes which would like to act as radios and access an instance of the RadioAir interface.
Radio.RadioController A RadioController is an object installed into a Microcontroller.
Radio.RadioProbe The RadioProbe interface encapsulates the idea of a probe inserted on a radio that is notified when changes in the state of the radio occur and when packets are sent and received from this radio.
RadioAir Interface for the RadioAir.

Class Summary
CC1000Radio The CC1000Radio class is a simulation of the CC1000 radio for use with avrora.
Channel The Channel class implements a serial channel that represents a communication channel where bits are sent one by one.
Radio.Transmission A Transmission is an object describing the data transmitted over RadioAir over some period of time.
RadioEnergy Constants for CC1000 radio energy consumption
SimpleAir Very simple implementation of radio air.