Downloads and Major Release Page

This page contains information about the public releases of the Virgil programming language and related tools. The Virgil compiler, the language specification, and driver kits for various architectures are maintained and versioned separately. This allows the language specification and compiler to be implemented and maintained independently of any particular architecture or driver kit.

Virgil Major Releases

Major releases of the compiler system for the Virgil language are listed here by date. Each major release contains significant feature improvements and is extensively tested for language compliance and correctness. Intermediate bugfixes and improvements are accumulated between each major release. To obtain development versions of the compiler, see the CVS instructions or download one of the automatically-generated intermediate JAR archives.

February 7, 2011

  • -- Virgil Compiler and Applications [B-04], Source Code.
  • vpc-b04.jar -- Virgil Prototype Compiler [B-04], JAR Archive Coming Soon

May 14, 2007

February 19, 2007

January 9, 2007

Language Specification Releases

Major revisions to the language specification are available here. Updates to the language specifications reflect the addition of new features or clarifications and corrections. Each release of the language specification has an associated version number; the Virgil compiler and related tools report what language specification that they support.

April, 2007

  • The Virgil Language Specification [I-01] is scheduled for release in August 2007.

Applications, Libraries and Driver Kits

This section contains links to various applications and driver kits for specific microcontroller architectures. Libraries and driver kits allow code reuse for programmers beginning the development their own applications for their hardware devices.

May 14, 2007

  • -- Virgil Application and Driver Kit [A-01], Source Code.

Feb 26, 2009