SoCal Spring 2004

Southern California Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Architecture

The SoCal Spring 2004 workshop is on Saturday May 15 at UCLA. Previous SoCal meetings: Fall 2002, and many more.

Time and Place: 10-6 in MS 4000A (MS = Math Sciences).

Organizer: Jens Palsberg (UCLA).

If you want to participate, send email to Jens Palsberg ( Participation is free. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, free of charge. Some of us will have a joint dinner in Westwood after the workshop.


10:00-12:30: Session 1, chair: Jens Palsberg (UCLA)

  • Todd Millstein (UCLA), Practical predicate dispatch
  • Michael Franz (UC Irvine), Providing security by compiler
  • Jason Hickey (Cal Tech), Frameworks for reliable compilers
  • Rupak Majumdar (UCLA), Race checking by context inference
  • Chris Coakley and Pete Cappello (UC Santa Barbara), Jicos: A Java-centric network computing service
  • Ryan Kastner (UC Santa Barbara), Using Ants to solve system design problems

    12:30-2:00: Lunch at the Kerckhoff Hall Plaza (outside, across from MS 4000A)

    2:00-3:40: Session 2, chair: Michael Franz (UC Irvine)

  • Chandra Krintz (UC Santa Barbara), Phase-aware profiling
  • Beth Simon and Allan Snavely (San Diego Supercomputer Center), A performance prediction framework for scientific applications
  • Roxana Diaconescu (UC Irvine), A compiler and runtime framework for adaptive code distribution
  • Rich Vuduc (UC Berkeley), Automatic performance tuning and performance modeling of sparse matrix kernels

    3:40-4:10: Break

    4:10-5:25: Session 3, chair: Jason Hickey (Cal Tech)

  • Rich Wolski (UC Santa Barbara), Modeling and predicting machine availability in volatile computing environments
  • Vasanth Venkatachalam (UC Irvine), The Proxy virtual machine: code generation in the network
  • Philip Brisk (UCLA), Framework and design methodology of a compiler that compresses code using echo instructions

    5:30-6:00: Five-minute madness, chair: Rupak Majumdar (UCLA)

  • Six people will have five minutes each. We will use an overhead projector to enable quick speaker changes. Three transparencies per person.

    Directions and parking