Symposium in Honor of Peter Mosses 2009

The Symposium in Honor of Peter Mosses will be held in conjunction with CALCO 2009 and an IFIP WG1.3 meeting in Udine, Italy on Thu Sep 10, 2009, 1:15-6:30pm, followed by dinner. People who want to attend can register via the CALCO 2009 website. Here is the final program:

1:15-1:30: Jens Palsberg

Session 1: (chair: Jose Luiz Fiadeiro)
1:30-1:55: David Watt, Action Semantics in Retrospect
1:55-2:20: Helene Kirchner, Component-based Security Policy Design with Colored Petri Nets
2:20-2:45: Mark van den Brand, Type Checking Evolving Languages with MSOS

2:45-3:15: break

Session 2: (chair: Andrzej Tarlecki)
3:15-3:35: Martin Musicante, An implementation of Object-Oriented Action Semantics in Maude
3:35-3:55: Christiano Braga, A Constructive Semantics for Basic Aspect Constructs
3:55-4:15: Bartek Klin, Structural Operational Semantics for Weighted Transition Systems

4:15-4:35: break

Session 3: (chair: Don Sannella)
4:35-5:00: Jose Meseguer, Order-Sorted Parameterization and Induction
5:00-5:25: Fernando Orejas, On the Specification and Verification of Model Transformations
5:25-5:50: Olivier Danvy, Towards Compatible and Interderivable Semantic Specifications for the Scheme Programming Language
5:50-6:15: Edward Hermann Haeusler, Action Algebras and Model Algebras in Denotational Semantics

6:15-6:30: Peter Mosses

8:00: Symposium dinner

Send comments and suggestions to Jens Palsberg (UCLA).