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% avrora -help simulations
Avrora [Beta 1.6.0] - (c) 2003-2005 UCLA Compilers Group

Usage: avrora [-action=action] [options] 
Usage: avrora -help [category]


    When running a simulation, Avrora accepts the "-simulation" command line
option that selects the simulation type from multiple different types
provided, or a user-supplied Java class of your own. For example, a simulation
might be for a sensor network application, a single node simulation, or a
robotics simulation. 

        The sensor network simulation is used for simulating multiple
        sensor nodes simultaneously. These nodes can communicate with
        each other wirelessly to exchange packets that include sensor
        data and routing information for a multi-hop network.
        Currently, only the "mica2" platform sensor nodes are
        The "single" simulation type corresponds to a standard
        simulation of a single microcontroller with a single program.

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