Online Help for Item: simulate

% avrora -help simulate
Avrora [Beta 1.6.0] - (c) 2003-2005 UCLA Compilers Group

Usage: avrora [-action=action] [options] 
Usage: avrora -help [category]


    The "simulate" action creates a simulation with the specified program(s)
for the specified node(s). The simulation type might be as simple as a single
node with a single program, or a multiple-node sensor network simulation or
robotics simulation.


    Help for the specific options accepted by this action is below.

    -report-seconds: boolean = false
        This option causes all times printed out by the simulator to
        be reported in seconds rather than clock cycles.
    -seconds-precision: long = 6
        This option sets the precision (number of decimal places)
        reported for event times in the simulation.
    -simulation: string = single
        The "simulation" option selects from the available simulation
        types, including a single node simulation, a sensor network
        simulation, or a robotics simulation.

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