Online Help for Item: interactive

% avrora -help interactive
Avrora [Beta 1.6.0] - (c) 2003-2005 UCLA Compilers Group

Usage: avrora [-action=action] [options] 
Usage: avrora -help [category]


    The "interactive" monitor allows the user to interact with the program
asit executes, including placing breakpoints, watchpoints, and inspecting the
stateof the simulation. Currently, it only supports terminating the simulation
at breakpoints.


    Help for the options accepted by this monitor is below.

    -breakpoints: list = (null)
        This option selects a list of breakpoints in the program that
        can be either labels (such as the start of a function) or
        hexadecimal addresses that begin with "0x". Breakpoints will
        be inserted into the program and the simulation will terminate
        when any of these locations are reached.

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