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% avrora -help auto
Avrora [Beta 1.6.0] - (c) 2003-2005 UCLA Compilers Group

Usage: avrora [-action=action] [options] 
Usage: avrora -help [category]


    The "auto" input format reads a program from a single file at a time. It
uses the extension of the filename as a clue to decide what input reader to
use for that file. For example, an extension of ".asm" is considered to be a
program in Atmel assembly syntax.


    Help for specific options is below.

    -indirect-edges: list = (null)
        This option can be used to specify the possible targets of
        indirect calls and jumps within a program, which may be needed
        in performing stack analysis or building a control flow graph.
        Each element of the list is a pair of program addresses
        separated by a colon, where a program address can be a label
        or a hexadecimal number preceded by "0x". The first program
        address is the address of the indirect call or jump
        instruction and the second program address is a possible

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