Online Help for Item: atmel

% avrora -help atmel
Avrora [Beta 1.6.0] - (c) 2003-2005 UCLA Compilers Group

Usage: avrora [-action=action] [options] 
Usage: avrora -help [category]


    The "atmel" input format reads programs that are written in assembly
language in the format supported by the Atmel assembler. Nearly all of the
directives are supported, except macros.


    Help for specific options is below.

    -indirect-edges: list = (null)
        This option can be used to specify the possible targets of
        indirect calls and jumps within a program, which may be needed
        in performing stack analysis or building a control flow graph.
        Each element of the list is a pair of program addresses
        separated by a colon, where a program address can be a label
        or a hexadecimal number preceded by "0x". The first program
        address is the address of the indirect call or jump
        instruction and the second program address is a possible

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