Adding New Platforms

A platform in Avrora is a microcontroller with its collected external devices attached that as a whole, represents a complete device. One such platform is the mica2 sensor node platform, which contains an Atmel ATMega128L microcontroller, 3 LEDs, a sensor board, an external flash, and a CC1000 AM radio.

Avrora is extensible and allows you to add your own platform, including your own external devices, to the simulation. By creating a new Java class that implements the Platform interface, you can build a software model of the hardware device in which your program will run. You can add the correct microcontroller model and speed and the correct external devices.

By specifying the -platform option to the simulator, you can select from one of the supported platforms, or specify the fully qualified name of your own platform class.

For more information, see avrora.sim.platform.Platform in the JavaDoc API.