Adding New Microcontrollers

A microcontroller in Avrora is a self-contained execution unit with program storage, RAM and internal devices that represents a complete execution unit to be simulated. A microcontroller may be connected to external devices such as LEDs, but these are not considered part of the microcontroller. For example, the ATMega128L contains 128KB Flash, 4KB EEPROM, 4KB SRAM, several timers, two UARTs, an SPI interface, etc.

Avrora allows you to add your own microcontroller model, for Atmel microcontrollers not yet supported or not yet build. By creating a new Java class that implements the Microcontroller interface, you can build a software model of the microcontroller in which your program will run. You can add the correct parameters for storage size, external pin assignments, and internal devices.

By specifying the -chip option to the simulator, you can select from one of the supported microcontrollers, or specify the fully qualified name of your own microcontroller class.

For more information, see avrora.sim.mcu.Microcontroller in the JavaDoc API.