To run the ATASYN:
  1. Get all the sources of your TCP sources, including the sources for libraries.
  2. run ATASYN from the directory in which it was installed:
    ATASYN <tcp_src_directory> <compilation_spec_file_name>

A sample source code for TCP can be found here. This is a modified version of lwip stack to suit the structure of ATASYN. Compiling any TCP code would also require the source code of standard libraries that need to be linked with TCP code. In the absence of that ATASYN would complain so. It can be overcome by giving approximate cost of running the library functions. The set of functions whose definitions or running cost is required can be guessed by running ATASYN. And then given to ATASYN as input when prompted.

Sample run: Running ATASYN on

  1. modified lwip code +
  2. specFile +
  3. costs of library functions [These number do not signify the actual costs but just random costs] +
  4. input to ATASYN
results in this this graph.

For a wide range of possible average packet inter arrival times, the graph gives the behaviour of the tcp code for different timeout times. A red point signifies a possible synFlood scenario and a green one signifies a possible safe scenario.